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NT Industry sp. z o.o.

43-180, Orzesze, ul. Fabryczna 1

Tel.: 32 420 62 00

E-mail: info@ntindustry.com

Preparation and anti-corrosion protection of the surface.

At NT Industry Orzesze we prepare the surface and protect the steel structures from corrosion employing protective painting systems.

Over the area of ca. 2000 m2 there are:

  • Shot-blasting Cabin with automatic shot recovery (sharp-edge steel shot)
    The shot-blasting cabin 5m x 5m entrance allows to shot-blast large-size  elements.
    Overhead 8t cranes and 7t load-carrying capacity transporting equipment along with forklifts constitute the unloading support.
    Shot-blasting prepares the surface for painting, therefore the SA 2,5 standard grade of cleanliness is just normality for us.
    Shot granulation – variable – depending on the client’s needs.
  • Painting cabin – the professional cabin has the ventilation inflow and outflow system and the temperature regulation scope.
    The cabin and drying room 5m x 6m entrance allows to paint large-size elements.
    The services we offer are carried out on the basis of paint materials that offer water-thinnable lacquers (employed in automotive industry), acrylic lacquer (employed in commercial transport) and industrial lacquers (employed in machines, silos, constructions).
    We also provide services on materials entrusted.

In the paint shop we work employing various quality & visual standards.

The system of using hydrodynamic pumps and spray guns for paint application is the equipment base for paint layers application and the quality control system is represented by individual thickness meters, such as painting comb and electronic gauge.

Apart from painting steel constructions, machines’ elements, transporting platforms/trailers employed in marine industry, tippers and agro-trailers we also paint aluminum tanks, cisterns, silos etc.

Qualified staff takes care of the quality of the service, and the technical conditions make it possible for us to respect the technology-regime while painting. Inspections and reports (the performance on reference-areas) serve as the confirmation.


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