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NT Industry sp. z o.o.

43-180, Orzesze, ul. Fabryczna 1

Tel.: 32 420 62 00

E-mail: rekrutacja@ntindustry.com

Recruitment process

Stage 1 – application

The first stage of recruitment is sending an application (CV + cover letter). You can send your application as a reply to an ad on our website / other portals, in press or in case you do not apply for a particular job but you want your application to be added to our database.

Stage 2 – job interview, testing

Basing on the analysis of the application and documents provided, the chosen candidates are invited for a job interview. The selection criterion is the compatibility of your qualifications and the needs of the job you apply for. The first interview (the HR representative) allows us to take a closer look at your experience, education, skills and predispositions, as well as your expectations towards the company and reasons for which you are interested in getting the job. Apart from the interview, we also carry out the substantive tests, personal questionnaires and foreign language proficiency tests.

Stage 3 – Individual meeting

The next stage is a meeting, also with the future supervisor, which shall allow to get to know the mutual expectations and working conditions. The decision to begin potential cooperation will be based on that interview.


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